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The KordaZone Theatre is home to Korda Artistic Productions. This unique, intimate and homegrown performing arts venue has 115-seats and is located at 2520 Seminole Street (Ford City) in Windsor, Ontario. In addition to productions from Korda, The KordaZone Theatre hosts special events and guest group rentals. To lean forward and engage all year long, see what’s

diverse space...

There are two stage options at The KordaZone Theatre - a traditional stage, and a more intimate cabaret-style stage. The two stages are located at opposite ends of the theatre, and allow for options for staging shows in unforgettable ways. The proscenium artwork on the traditional stage was created by the late Terry B. Ware. Throughout the theatre, guests will notice beautiful paintings by artist Harvey Atin, father of Korda Founder Tracey B. Atin. Korda's eye-con logo was also created by Harvey Atin, with edits by artist Daniel Nolin. 

Korda Boarda - Board of Directors

Tracey B. Atin, President, Producer + Founder
Jeff Marontate, Resident Director + Board Member
Joey Wright, Treasurer
Mark Worsley
, Board Member + Head Technician

Gemma Cunial, Board Member + Secretary

Hope Forman, Board Member
Kim Babb, Board Member

Maggie Pinsonneault, Board Member

with support from Christopher Lawrence Menard, Web Designer, Board Consultant

The Kordazone Theatre PHOTO ALBUMS

Click HERE to see albums from our productions over the years.

Current Show Tickets

Production Tickets

  • Tickets are available in advance at Eventbrite, with links set up for each production.

  • NEW: You can pay with Debit at the theatre on show nights. Debit ONLY - not by credit card. 

  • You can pay with Cash at the theatre on show nights.

  • $25.00 Regular Tickets / General Admission for Plays.

  • $30.00 General Admission for Musicals (unless otherwise noted).

  • Pay-What-You-Can Nights offered once per production (unless otherwise noted).

  • Special 2022 Offer: $160 for 6 Shows (Korda Shows ONLY).

NOTE: Tickets for specific shows typically go on sale 2 to 3 months before a show opens

NOTE: Ticket prices are subject to change for certain productions during a season

Ticket Refund/Exchange Policy

  • Tickets are Non-Refundable. However, it may be possible to exchange purchased tickets for a difference performance date of the same production for which the ticket was purchased. 

  • Call 226-674-1002 or email to discuss options available. Note that you may not exchange a purchased ticket for a separate production in the season. 

Ticket Outlets

  • For Korda Shows - Call 226-674-1002, email, write to us online, or arrive one half hour before showtime on show nights to take a chance on getting tickets at the door.

Seating @ The KordaZone Theatre

  • General Admission - First-Come / First-Seated

  • Show Nights - Doors open 1/2 hour before showtime

Parking @ The KordaZone Theatre

  • Street Parking is available around the theatre.

  • NO PARKING alongside the theatre.

  • Please lock your cars. DO NOT leave valuables behind. 

  • You are responsible for your vehicles.


  • NOTE: Concessions are not always available for every show.

  • Variety of snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) available in our Concession Stand. 

  • Various prices. 

  • Alcoholic beverages are available, on occasion, at the Malta Society Bar downstairs. 


ExtensionKorda offers young artists the chance to develop their skills and creativity under the mentorship of experienced members of Korda Artistic Productions. Our first student-artist was Ellie Moon, who produced The Lion in Winter at KordaZone in 2010. This year, Caulin Moore and Hope Forman produced an original musical spoof which combines characters and situations from Glee and the Twilight Saga.

Korda’s Goals

  • To provide the Windsor and Essex Community with a year-round, stationary theatre company.

  • To mount a full-season of diverse shows, assembled together under an exciting and challenging theme, each year. These productions will include original works, classics, and a play chosen (or created) specifically for young audiences. To provide actors, writers, artists and theatre practitioners with a forum in which to contribute and perform locally.

  • To raise awareness about the importance of the arts in the community through the art of performance.

  • To develop an audience that appreciates the uncommon and to provide an alternative to the mainstream.

Our Current Ongoing Sponsors


Thank you for making all this possible

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