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Past Productions

Korda Artistic Productions has been producing theatre shows - classics, contemporary, musicals, Canadian, originals, pantos, etc. - since 2003. Below is a full list of productions. Soon, you will be able to click on the title of the show to learn more about the production, its performance dates and venue, cast and crew, and more. Thank you for supporting our work. To see photos from past productions, visit individual show pages (when available) or visit our Flickr albums.



Psycho Beach Party

February 16th to March 2nd, 2024 at The KordaZone Theatre

By Charles Busch

Creative Team: Jeff Marontate (Director); Kim Babb (Producer); Noah Ball (Stage Manager).
Cast: Marnie Gare (Chicklet); Dalton Mugridge (The Great Kanaka); Maggie Pinsonneault (Berdine); Michele Legere (Mrs. Forrest); Georgie Savoie (Marvel Ann); Kyle Cloutier (Star Cat); Kim Courtis (Dee Dee); Chris Lamb (Bettina Barnes); Brett Hallick (Nicky); Boris Gatackic (Provoloney); Riley Campbell (Yo Yo).  

The Drowsy Chaperone

April 5th to 20th, 2024 at The KordaZone Theatre

Book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar. Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison. 

Creative Team: David Burrows (Director); Mark Worsley (Assistant Director); Joey Wright (Producer); Cindy Pattison-Rivard (Choreographer); Nathalie Mero (Assistant Choreographer).
Cast: Eric Miinch (Man in Chair); Amy Pinsonneault (Mrs. Tottendale); Cavelle Doucet-Lefebvre (Underling); David Sivak (Robert Martin); Brett Hallick (George); David Nisbet (Mr. Feldzieg); Becca Miinch (Kitty); Greg Girty (Gangster... er, Pastry Chef); Natalie Worsley (Gangster... er, Pastry Chef); Gianluca Ieraci (Aldolpho); Maria Harman (Janet van de Graaf); Kristen Siapas (Chaperone); Melissa McLeod (Trix); Mark Worsley (Superintendent); Abbey Lee Hallett (Ensemble); Melanie Postma (Ensemble); Georgie Savoie (Ensemble); Gabrielle Smith (Ensemble).     

Band: Nick Morvay (Piano); Mike Karloff (Piano); Mitchell Leyte (Bass); Vanessa Harnish (Drums/Percussion); Rob Fazecash (Trumpet); Sebastian Bachmeier (Reeds).


Ordinary Days

March 3rd to 12th, 2023 at The KordaZone Theatre

Music and Lyrics by Adam Gwon.

Creative Team: Tracey B. Atin (Director and Producer).

Cast: Ben Doncom (Warren); Hope Forman (Claire); Calum McMillan (Jason); Amber Thibert (Deb).  

The Best Man

April 14th to 29th, 2023 at The KordaZone Theatre

Written by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Creative Team: Christopher Lawrence Menard (Co-Director); Joey Wright (Co-Director and Producer); Eric Tulp (Technical Director and Stage Manager); Meaghen Quinn (Intimacy Coordinator); Christopher Lawrence Menard (Poster Designer and Web Designer).

Cast: Lauren Stiers (Courtney); Joey Wright (Keith); Nik Prsa (Eric); Christopher Lawrence Menard (Thom); Natalie Vriesen (Monica); Dan MacDonald (Simone); Matthew Vriesen (Kipp); Roula Khayat (Karaoke Host, Concierge, Nun, etc.).

William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

May 26th to June 10th, 2023 at The KordaZone Theatre

Written by William Shakespeare

Creative Team: Jeremy Burke (Director); Joey Wright (Producer).

Cast: Alex Hristoff (Romeo); Lilly Battista (Juliet); Jack Meadows (Mercutio); Samuel Brimner (Benvolio); Dean Valentino (Friar Laurence); Nicole Clark (Nurse); Tim Maitland (Tybalt); Chris Lanspeary (Capulet); Roula Khayat (Montague); Cavelle Doucet-Lefebvre (Gregory); Brandon Chappus (Paris); Clinton Anderson (Prince); Kalie Chapman (Messenger).

She Kills Monsters

September 8th to 23rd, 2023 at The KordaZone Theatre

Written by Qui Nguyen

Creative Team: Valerie Bonasso (Director); Kristen Siapas (Assistant Director); Maggie Jo (Stage Manager); Dave Cormier (Set Construction); Joey Wright (Producer); Kimberley Babb (Producer); Lynne Comartin and David Burrows (Costumers); Eric Tulp (Technical Director); Shams Al-Haddad (Lighting Technician); Elizabeth Laughton (Sound Technician); Jeremy Burke (Set Designer); Christopher Lawrence Menard (Web Designer). 

Cast: Lexie Farrer (Agnes); Josephine Eleanor (Tilly); Jenna Fisch (Lillith); Abbey Lee Hallett (Kaliope); Zeph Yr (Orcus); Marissa Dodich (Tina); Charlotte Bondy (Gabbi); Wren Cormier (Chuck); Lauren Stiers (Vera); Eric Droski (Miles); Artemis Alvi (Narrator); Max Dent (Steve). 

The Rocky Horror Show

October 13th to 28th, 2023 at The KordaZone Theatre

Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

Creative Team: Jeff Marontate (Director and Set Designer); Matthew Vriesen (Music Director); Nathalie Mero (Choreographer); Joey Wright (Producer). Eric Tulp (Technical Director, and Set Designer); Nik Prsa (Stage Manager); Daniel Nolin (Poster Art); Christopher Lawrence Menard (Web Designer).

Cast: Jeremy Burke (Dr. Frank’N’Furter); Natalie Vriesen (Janet); Matthew Vriesen (Brad); Ben Doncom (Riff Raff); Sam Bourque (Magenta); Adam Giles (Narrator); Sean Humenny (Rocky); Nathalie Mero (Columbia); Joey Wright (Dr. Scott); Nicole Clark (Eddie and Phantom); Brandon Chappus (Phantom); Cavelle Doucet-Lefebvre (Phantom); Georgie Savoie (Phantom); Sydney White (Phantom). 

Panto, The Panto: Into The Pantoverse

December 7th to 17th, 2023 at The KordaZone Theatre

Written by Joey Wright and Jeff Marontate
Music by Robert Godden 

Creative Team: Karen Tompkins (Director), Breanna Grenier (Stage Manager)

Cast: John Shellhorn (Tankerbell, Darth Vader); Allison Still (Librarian); David DuChene (Jafar); Nik Prsa (Widow Twankey); Bo Dominguez (Rogue 1); Carly Morrison Hart (Star Trek Red Shirt); Jenny Hunter (Annie of Green Gables); Greg Girty (Grand Muff Gideon); Rachel Hillis (Queen Amidala); Corrine Beneteau (Jabba the Hutt, Solid Gold Dancer);  Alex Alejandria (King Midas); Eliot Grona (Basil the Bard); Jules Walton (Cinderella); Hannah Gault (Robin Hood, Solid Gold Dancer);  Angelo Mandato (Ewok); Emmy Chamberlain (Lemony Locust); Stephanie Cragg (Dilbo Daggins, Solid Gold Dancer); Eric Smith (Dandruff).  



February 3rd to 13th, 2022 at The KordaZone Theatre

Written by Sandy Rustin; Based on the Screenplay by Jonathan Lynn

Creative Team: Joey Wright (Producer and Director); Michael Hollandz (Original Music). 

Cast: David Burrows (Wadsworth); Carla Gyemi (Yvette); Boris Gatakic (Colonel Mustard); Bonnie Stewart (Mrs. Peacock); Dan MacDonald (Mr. Green); Brent Oneschuk (Professor Plum); Nicole Clark (Ms. Scarlet); Mark Worsley (Mr. Boddy); Alex Hristoff (The Cook, Telegram Girl); Joseph Brohm (The Motorist, the Cop, the Chief of Police).  

Shakespeare's Pericles

April 1st to 9th, 2022 at The KordaZone Theatre

Written by William Shakespeare

Creative Team: Jeff Marontate (Director); Tracey Atin (Producer); Daniel Nolin (Poster Art).

Cast: Coming Soon.

Spring Awakening

May 27th to June 11th2022 at The KordaZone Theatre

Book & Lyrics by Steven Sater; Music by Duncan Sheik; Based on the 1891 German play by Frank Wedekind

Creative Team: Tracey B. Atin (Director, Music Director); Hope Forman (Choreographer); Graham Dolson (Band Director). 

Cast: Amanda Gray (Martha); Calum McMillan (Melchior); Cavelle Doucet-Lefebvre (Otto); Darien Pare (Thea); Dave Cormier (Adult Men); Grace Gasparini (Ilse); Hope Forman (Dancer); Jeremy Burke (Moritz); Jessie Gurniak (Anna); Kim Babb (Adult Women); Matthew Vriesen (Hanschen); Mercedes Ranjit (Wendla); Natalie Vriesen (Dancer/Swing); Owen Bortolin (Ernst); Tim Maitland (Georg). 

  • 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

  • Something Rotten!

  • Peter Pan(to)

2021 (Covid-19 impacted season)

  • Awful Home Decor and Other Seasonal Mishaps - Virtual Production by Extension-Korda

  • Bunny Betrayal - Virtual Production by Korda Kids

  • The Pantolorian - Original Holiday Panto

2020 (Covid-19 impacted season)

  • The Fantasticks

  • Lost in the Holidays - Virtual Production by Extension-Korda Next Generation

  • Cinderella: An Unauthorized Unorthodox Online Holiday Panto

  • Hansel Und Gretel: Behind the Gingerbread Livestream

  • CHAOS Fest (Children's Arts Organizations Showcase - Online Festival

  • Fearless Frieda and the Giant Livestream


  • Cabaret

  • Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

  • Mother Courage and Her Children

  • Reefer Madness by Extension-Korda | From the Korda Vault, 2010

  • Extension-Korda Summer Sessions

  • The Glass Menagerie

  • Robin Hood - Original Holiday Panto | From the Vault, 2008

Mother Courage and Her Children

May 16th to 26th, 2019 at The KordaZone Theatre

Written by Bertolt Brecht; Translated by Tony Kushner

Creative Team: Tracey B. Atin (Director, Producer, Costumer); Tova Perlmutter (Co-Director, Sound Designer); James Atin-Godden (Original Music); Misty Habib (Stage Manager, Props Manager); Jeff Wilkinson (Set Construction); Jordan Marchand (Set Art and Text); Carter Dersch (Lighting Designer, Operator); Michael Haggert (Lighting Designer, Operator); Kris Lucier (Sound Operator); Angelo Lucier (Sound Operator); Natalie Worsley (Special Effects Makeup); Christopher Lawrence Menard (Poster Designer, Web Designer); Robert Godden (Front of House Manager).      

Cast: Tracey B. Atin (Mother Courage); Jennifer Desaulniers (Quartermaster, Regimental Secretary, Farm Woman); Robert Godden (Chaplain); Jenny Hunter (Clerk, Peasant, Mother, Farm Woman); Roberta Hunter (Yvette, Soldier); George Vukmirovic Kelso (Army Recruiter, Sergeant, Soldier); James Neely (General, Colonel, Peasant, Soldier); Mercedes Ranjit (Kattrin); Lev Tokol (Swiss Cheese, Soldier); Kitu Turcas (Eilif, Soldier); Patrick White (Young Soldier, Soldier, Peasant, Son); Jeff Wilkinson (Cook); Colin Zorzit (Sergeant, Soldier, Informer, Harness Maker, Lieutenant). 

Band: Jennifer Desaulniers (Flute, Clarinet); Robert Godden (Guitar); Benjamin Goldstein (Keyboard); David LIght (Violin); Lev Tokol (Percussion, Melodica); Colin Zorzit (Brass).



  • Company

  • Not Another High School Murder by Extension-Korda

  • Strangers Among Us

  • Chekhov's Shorts

  • Cheer Up, Hamlet! | From the Korda Vault, 2007

  • Fun Home

  • Shakespeare's Macbeth

  • Pinocchio Panto


  • Into the Woods | Co-Production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

  • Bedroom Farce

  • Evil Dead, The Musical by Extension-Korda

  • Second Banana by Extension-Korda

  • Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad

  • Lysistrata | From the Korda Vault, 2008

  • Annie of Green Gables, Get Your Gun!!! - Original Holiday Panto


  • Little Shop of Horrors | Co-Production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • Dead Man's Cell Phone

  • Fearless Frieda and the Giant by Extension-Korda Summer Sessions | From the Korda Vault, 

  • Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play

  • This Way Madness Comes by Extension-Korda Summer Sessions

  • The Extension-Korda Summer Sessions

  • The God of Ecstasy

  • STAR WAR(ped): May The Farce Be With You - Original Holiday Panto


  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street | Co-production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • Suddenly, Last Summer

  • ASYLUM: The American Horror Story Musical by Extension-Korda

  • Devil Boys From Beyond

  • HAIR: An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical | Co-production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

  • Peter Pan(to) - Original Holiday Panto


  • Hard Hearts

  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee | Co-production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • The Beaver Den

  • God of Carnage

  • Shakespeare's Othello

  • The Birds: A Fowl Play

  • Hansel Und Gretel: Behind the Gingerbread | From the Korda Vault, 2009


  • Next To Normal | Co-production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • As You Like It

  • Eurydice

  • Double Bill: Pardon My Inquisition OR Kiss The Blood Off My Castanets AND Theodora: She-Bitch of Byzantium

  • The Pirates of Penzance

  • George Orwell's 1984

  • [title of show] | Co-production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • The 'Obbit: An H'Original 'Holiday Panto 


  • Avenue Q | Co-production with Cardinal Music Productions

  • The Mandrake

  • In The Next Room OR The Vibrator Play

  • The Divine Sister

  • Never Swim Alone AND This Is a Play

  • DRAG 3

  • Fat Boy

  • Aladdin: The Holiday Panto


  • The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) | From the Korda Vault, 2007

  • This Musical Sucks by Extension-Korda

  • Will's Enterprise: A Comedy of Errors AND Titus Andronicus

  • DRAG, Too

  • Entertaining Mr. Sloane

  • A Clockwork Orange

  • Cinderella: The Shoe Must Go On


  • The View From Here

  • The Lion In Winter

  • The Doctor In Spite of Himself AND The Imaginary Cuckold

  • DRAG

  • The Imaginary Cuckold at Windsor Fringe Festival | From The Korda Vault, 2009

  • Reefer Madness

  • King Midas & The Golden Arches


  • The Best Man | From the Korda Vault, 2007

  • The Twins

  • Fearless Frieda and the Giant, From the Korda Vault, 

  • Oedipus: For Kids?!?!

  • The American Dream AND The Sandbox

  • Die, Mommy! Die!

  • Hansel und Gretel: Behind the Gingerbread


  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

  • Lysistrata

  • Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Pterodactyls

  • Robin Hood: The Holiday Panto


  • The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)

  • The Best Man at Essex Hall Theatre, University of Windsor, in partnership with Windsor PRIDE

  • The Bard in the 'Yard AND Cheer Up, Hamlet!


  • Double Trouble: The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom AND Theodora: She-Bitch of Byzantium

  • Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

  • Cinderella: The Unauthorized Holiday Panto | From the Korda Vault, 2005


  • The Learned Ladies

  • Cinderella: The Unauthorized Holiday Panto


  • Psycho Beach Party

  • The Hobbit


  • The Rocky Horror Show


  • Side By Side By Sondheim

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